Saturday, 18 May 2013


As some of you might not know, Im back to the Kingdom..again lol. Believe it or not, I have a hardtime selecting where should I work and how to start again. It took me 3 months to wait for the right blessing.  So when they told me that  I was selected on the 1st batch I was beyond excited. Opportunity knocks only once. And if it’s in you and you feel it, chase it! Because you may never know how close you where to that one moment that could change your whole life around. We need to find ways to make it work in spite of them. Practical, People! So grab it girl! This just goes to show that I should never give up.
April 26,2013 was a big bang to us, full day of blessings. I woke up very optimistic and determined that this is it.. my brother and I have the same day of flight so  mixed emotions especially I see my angels sad.:(  But of course we are working hard for you guys so don’t be sad na ..:) luv u..

As early as 7am we are already on our way to the airport for my brother's flight..

  This are my lucky charm...erecca,justin,jamille +   arianna though she's not on the picture..

                                                                                                           so adorable...

Everybodys favorate Jollibee

            Have you every encounter, what you see is what you wear moment? well this was one of them, i just grab top, shorts,bracelet,watch,purse and walla thats it. I barely put make-up since im still sleepy...As early as 6am i guess  my sister wake me up not to mention, that night was the only time that i packed my stuff so im a bit sleepy head on this picture.. haha funny but its true.  Loving my Mustache top just

On the lighter note, Im still choosing what to wear because I need to wear something loose and comfortable to move around in. It’s always best to be comfortable in situations like this because it can get a little tiring sometimes especially for a long flight. Sweaters are always the best comfort-top.

               Its 10pm we arrived at the airport and they are all waiting for me..whattt??? well im not late they    are just early for 11:30 flight..hhahha 


With my twine bee..thank you for the support in everything i do. I dont know who will take pictures of me na..thats why i need to buy tripod next month maybe..:( And also ate bing,thank you for dropping me to the airport.  It means alot to me..Luv u..

Since my buddies went inside for check in and our agent said GOOOO..I failed to take nice pictures tuloy :(

@ kuwait international airport..

new found friends...jovie,job,jovan and gab...

 I failed to take pictures when we are @ riyad airport..Gooossshhh you dont know what we've been through. Im still laughing everytime i remember what happen to us. It was totally a disaster,delayed flight for about 10-12 hours and saudi airlines dont like to help us because they are blaming kuwait airways...Helpless.. So we pay for the penalty for our connecting flight to gassim..We are so tired and hungry...huh,what a trip...

                                           1ST BATCH...THE NEW BEE @ AL WAFAA HOSPITAL

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Capturing someones attention is something magical special if you're already attach and use to it. Its something that i cant even explain why and how does this happen. I have so many things on my mind right now contradicting each other, pushing me to move,bringing me to tears and making me realize things I never wanted to. Life is full of surprises, and that isn't always a good thing. When you never thought in a million years that something could happen,and it does; when lies and hurt come between two people you never thought would fall apart;when you never thought you could feel any worst;and every second you do.It's tough. But I do hope that one day I can look back on this difficult time with a strong heart.Hoping everyone has the courage to face their problems today,even when they find that the solutions they need are even harder to accept and do........